Postdoctoral position

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the group of Professor Jason R. Green at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The position will involve projects related to a Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative funded through the Army Research Office, Department of Defense. Projects will focus on the development and implementation of advanced sampling methods for nonequilibrium chemistry and leverage new variational techniques in information theory. Interested candidates with experience in writing code (Python, C), classical molecular dynamics/Monte Carlo simulations, nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, and information theory should e-mail their CV to (at) umb (dot) edu.

Graduate research positions

Professor Green has open positions for Ph.D. students in Chemistry, Physics, or Computational Science. Our research group is located on the oceanfront campus of the University, Massachusetts Boston, minutes from downtown. To apply, please submit all graduate-program application materials through the appropriate departmental website. Interested students may also contact Professor Green by email to learn more about ongoing research in the group.