Current group

Professor Jason R. Green

Postdoctoral researchers

Dr. Sky Nicholson, Postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Moupriya Das, Postdoctoral researcher

Graduate students

Rebecca Bone, Ph.D. student

Michael Marucci, B.S./M.S. student

Undergraduate students

Jonah Greenberg, Sanofi Genzyme Fellow


Lucas Newcomb, Ph.D. Current: SAFI-Tech

Dr. Mohammad Alaghemandi, Research Assistant Professor

Will Fatherley, Ph.D. student

Dr. Jesus del Pozo, Postdoctoral researcher

Volkmar Koller, visiting M.S. student

Helen Cuiyun Zhao - currently a Research Associate at ImmunoGen

Jonathan Nichols - currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Rhode Island

Shane Flynn - currently a Ph.D. student at the California Institute of Technology