Green research group

We are exploring how intermolecular forces and individual chemical reactions control emergent behaviors in chemical physics. Our research uses a combination of analytical theory and computer simulations to improve our understanding of (1) how the sudden and violent ignition of hydrogen-oxygen mixtures are born from the collective behavior of individual chemical reactions and (2) how entropic forces drive liquids to mix and nanoscopic colloidal components to self-assemble.

Recent research projects

Simulations of hydrogen combustion

Using hydrogen for internal combustion engines or in fuel-cell based electric vehicles holds promise as an effective way to mitigate pollution in the atmosphere. The safe storage and controlled ignition of hydrogen is paramount to these practical applications. We are working on a statistical mechanical theory to learn the mechanisms of complex chemistry and characterize ignition phenomena.

Chaos in liquids

A critical question in diverse soft matter contexts is what role intermolecular forces play in the dynamics. We are working on a liquid state theory that explicitly includes the instability and chaos of molecular motion. We have found that measures of chaos carry the signatures of the well-known van der Waals picture of simple liquids.

Recent news

May 2017.-- Jonah wins Beacon Student Success Fellowship.

February 2017.-- Mohammad and Luke's paper was published in J. Phys. Chem. A.

February 2017.-- Moupriya's paper was published in Phys. Rev. E.

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